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April 20, 2008 / Amanda Jakl

Not Just Oranges Anymore – 5 Other Food of the Month Clubs

The gift that keeps on giving–I always associated gift of the month clubs with fruit, oranges one month, pears the next, but most importantly I always thought they were out of my price range. Well now that I’ve done a little digging, I found that there are dozens of kinds of these clubs. Here are 5 other foods besides fruit that you can get once a month in the mail, ranging from crazy expensive to downright reasonable. Now keep in mind that all of these “of the month” clubs are pricey when you take into consideration actual cost of goods and shipping, but sometimes it’s nice to splurge.

1. Bacon of the Month

The Grateful Palate offers 1 or 2 packages a month along with some other goodies. It’s definitely not the cheapest gift of the month club, but your favorite carnivore will thank you. My husband is huge bacon fan, he would add bacon to chocolate cake if he could.

2. Lobster of the Month

For those with copious amounts of extra cash, the lobster of the month club will thin even the most bulging of wallets.

3 months – $229

6 months – $479

3. Potato Chip of the Month

As a huge fan of potato chips, I would consider signing myself up for this monthly club. Or maybe I just have to start dropping better Christmas gift hints.

3 months – $75
6 months – $150
9 months – $225
12 months – $300

4. Pickle of the Month

As someone who prefers a simple dill pickle, (hey I grew up with the best, Milwaukee Pickles) this doesn’t really do it for me, but a die-hard pickle fan would be in their glory.

3 months – $49.99
6 months – $97.99
12 months – $193.99

5. Nut of the Month

Any nut you can think of, Nut of the Month Club probably has. And since most nuts are high in Omega-3s and most American are deficient in them, eat up!

3 months – $39.95

6 months – $69.95

12 months – $129.95

Disclaimer: I am not paid by any of these companies that I’m about the list, nor can I vouch for their service or product. I’m here to give ideas not reviews.


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