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April 26, 2008 / Amanda Jakl

First Anniversary Gifts – Paper

The traditional first anniversary gift is paper. But what does this translate to in real life? I don’t like the idea of giving stationery to your loved one. It seems so impersonal and cold, something that your aunt would give you, not someone you’re passionate about. Without further ado, here is the list.

  • Make a photo album, hey it’s made out of paper, right? If you don’t have a lot of photos from your first year together, use your wedding photos or even baby photos. I made a book for my husband for our first anniversary that chronicled our first year of life. First year of life, first year of marriage. Cheesy, maybe, but he loved it. (And he was the cutest baby.) I use My Publisher, it’s easy to use, provides professional results and is reasonably priced.
  • Make a love/favor coupon book. You can design your own or use a kit. I like the one over at Paper Zone. Personally I would use it as a template and use papers that better suited my husband’s and my taste.
  • A saucy book like the Kama Sutra or something equally racy. It’s never too early to keep things interesting.
  • Tickets to a play, concert, exhibition, etc. But it has to be an event that both parties want to go to, otherwise it wouldn’t be a very nice anniversary, would it?
  • Paper roses are an interesting take on a clichéd gift you might want to consider. You can buy them here or fold them yourself with these directions.
  • Make a cootie catcher, also called a paper fortune teller, and personalize with “in jokes” and pet names. Click here for directions on folding one.
  • A good old love letter. It’s nice to actually hold a letter in your hand and read it over and over again. It’s just not the same in e-mail form.
  • Put together your family tree. Martha Stewart has a wonderful template and if you hire a calligrapher, it could turn into a very elegant gift.

Now if you are a friend or relative and want to commemorate the first anniversary of a couple you know, here are some ideas. These gift ideas are not romantic in nature, but are thoughtful and for the most part practical. I wouldn’t recommend a husband giving this to his wife, or vice versa, since it seems more practical and I believe that the first anniversary gift should be a bit more romantic. Most people don’t do that much for a first anniversary, I know I didn’t, these gifts are perfect, small, simple and not too costly.


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