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May 5, 2008 / Amanda Jakl

4 Gifts Not To Give Mom This Mother’s Day

Don\'t buy your mom a stationary bike this Mother\'s Day

The countdown to Mother’s Day is on, only 6 days left. Flower and chocolate ads are everywhere with spa specials sprinkled in. Those are lovely things, but what if you want something a little different? Have a list in hand? Well, make sure these things are not on it. Disclaimer: If these items are specifically asked for, then buy away. If not, I would avoid them.

1. Small appliances: Take out the blender, hand mixer, toaster, coffee maker, juicer, food processor, bread maker, slow cooker, microwave, and electric can opener from your shopping cart. If Mom needs one of these things, she can pick it out herself, which is a better option since many of these appliances now come in a rainbow of colors.

2. Weight loss/exercise equipment: There is only one way to interpret a gift of exercise equipment and is that the best way to say “Thank you for giving birth to me, Mom”?

3. Clothing where size is important: In addition to having to return it, if you buy a shirt too big, Mom might think “Do they think I’m fat?” and that’s not a sentiment she should be thinking on Mother’s Day. If you want to get a piece of clothing, stick to accessories, like scarves or brooches.

4. Gift cards: Gift cards are way too impersonal for a Mother’s Day gift. Gift cards should never be used as a gift for people whose last names you know. Put a little more thought into it, you know Mom will appreciate it.


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  1. prateek / Nov 19 2008 6:28 am

    nice blog

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